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Recycler server rack
Recycler server rack

Ease of Use

Mountable into standard server rack

Atola Disk Recycler unit can be mounted into a standard server rack by using common rack shelves. One Disk Recycler unit requires a minimum of 2U space. The exact dimensions of each unit are: 425mm (width) x 500mm (depth) x 84mm (height).

Hardware button on each port

It is possible to start or stop a script on any port by pushing a button on the Disk Recycler unit itself. Each port has its own start/stop button and a set of LEDs displaying port status. This allows replacing hard drives and restarting scripts without even looking at the host software.

Independent ports

Disk Recycler main window
Disk Recycler main window

You can safely attach a bad hard drive to the Recycler, even if it creates a short circuit or produces smoke. No matter how bad the damage is, trying to power on such drive will have no effect on the other ports - all ports are completely isolated. Furthermore, each port has its own power circuitry with full circuit protection to prevent possible damage to the Disk Recycler unit.

Starting or stopping an operation on one port does not affect other ports in any way.

Short circuit protection and reporting

Short circuit on a port
Short circuit on a port

Attaching damaged hard drives with fried electronics can cause a short circuit on a port. When Disk Recycler detects a short circuit, it performs the following:

  • The unit's port LED indicators are blinking;
  • Host PC software reflects short circuit status on the specific port;
  • Power to the hard drive is immediately disabled to prevent further damage to the drive.

2-click firmware update on all units in the network

Disk Recycler software allows updating the firmware on all units found in the network. The update is applied automatically over the network and takes minutes.

Auto-connect to all Recycler units in the network

Atola Disk Recycler software automatically scans your network for Disk Recycler units and displays all units found in the network.

Stand-alone mode

Atola Disk Recycler unit
Atola Disk Recycler unit

Each Disk Recycler unit can function in the Standalone mode, when it is not being controlled by a host software and/or it is not attached to the network at all. In Standalone mode, Disk Recycler still requires a script to execute. Since there is no network connection, the script must be supplied on a USB flash stick. The USB flash connector is located on the rear of the unit. A USB extension cord can be used to relocate move the USB port to a more convenient spot.

Easy setup

By default, Atola Disk Recycler software numbers units without any specific order. The numbers assigned by default will most likely not correspond to the physical layout of the Recycler units. It is possible to assign new numeric IDs to physical units by navigating to Rearrange/Renumber units under System menu. Afterwards, the user can set up the number of units displayed in one row. This way it is possible to match the physical unit layout with the port layout in the software. The information shown in the software can be customized to display only data needed for your specific application.

For more information on Atola Disk Recycler features, please see product specifications.