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Features & Specifications

Recycler server rack
Recycler server rack

Hardware Specifications

Atola Disk Recycler system includes:

  • One or more (up to 200) 4-port Atola Disk Recycler units;
  • Windows control software running on a separate PC ("Host PC");
Single Disk Recycler unit specification
  • Dimensions: 425mm (width) x 500mm (depth) x 84mm (height);
  • Mountable into standard server rack;
  • Weight: 8 kg;
  • 4 ports supporting both SAS and SATA drives;
  • Ethernet interface: RJ45 / 1Gbe;
  • Control interface: Windows application, standalone mode is available;
  • Maximum data transfer speed: 470 MB/s (28 GB/min) per port;
  • Supported hard drive interfaces: SAS, SATA I/II/III;
  • Power consumption: 90 Watt average, 150 Watt peak;
  • Supply voltage: 100 - 240 VAC, 50-60 Hz.

All Features

  • Capable of 28 GB/min (470 MB/s) speed;
  • DoD 5220.22-M method (3 pass or 7 pass);
  • NIST 800-88 method;
  • Security erase;
  • Zero and non-zero patterns. Custom patterns can be defined;
  • Erase with LBA Number in each sector.
  • Surface scan;
  • S.M.A.R.T.;
  • Checksum calculation: MD5, SHA1, SHA224, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512;
  • Seek test (random, linear, backward);
  • Transfer rate test;
  • Comparison with pattern.
  • Easy to write and understand;
  • User-friendly Script Editor with integrated help;
  • Assign same script to any number of ports;
  • Start/stop scripts on any number of ports in one click.
Reports & Logs
  • Report is always created after each script run;
  • Fast report search;
  • Custom certificate creation;
  • Integration with external database via CSV export (automatic and manual);
  • Support of external report Ids;
  • Printing support.
Ease of use
Atola Disk Recycler unit
Atola Disk Recycler unit
  • Mountable to standard server rack;
  • Auto-detection of all Recycler units visible in a network;
  • Stand-alone mode support;
  • 2-click firmware update on all Recycler units in the network;
  • Customizable main window to fit only the information you need;
  • One hardware button for each port to start immediately;
  • Short circuit protection;
  • Single disk doesn't affect others even on the same Recycler unit;
  • Automatic disk start up and stop when script is executed.
  • Fast report search system with CSV integration.
Additional script commands
  • Lock/Unlock password;
  • Bad sector repair (sector remapping);
  • Read/write HPA;
  • Read/write DCO;
  • Custom ATA commands;
  • Custom SAS commands;
  • Measure execution time of commands;
  • Read/Write/Verify sectors;
  • Write random data to sectors;
  • Report command for custom certificates;
  • Power control (off/on);
  • Spin up/down.

Learn more about all Disk Recycler script commands.